The journey to spiritual awakening can be fraught with pain, emotionally and physically. As we awaken, many of the constructs that we have accumulated in our life, those beliefs that bind us and keep us from seeing, fall away. In that dissolution of ego, and resisting the process causes us even more pain. We must do the work and allow ourselves the journey if we are to become whole in our entire being.

Like when we need physical healing in our body, the healing process can be painful, but on the other side of that healing brings wholeness and well-being. We need to welcome that pain. This scares many people and it can keep them from ever starting out on the path. This journey is not for everyone, but for those who undertake it, the result is astounding beauty. The person we become is transformative as it unleases the true Self that has been imprisoned, living life behind the veil of illusion.

We need to move forward through the process of spiritually awakening for the healing, freedom, and peace we derive from it. It is worth what pain we must endure in dealing with the letting go of that which we cling to. That which keeps us from seeing who we really are. Like when having to remove a band aid, it can be painful as the adhesive sticks to the skin, we need to quickly rip it off. Doing so is much less painful than trying to slowly peel it off. That just prolongs the pain. When yanked off in an instant, the pain is sharp, but only for a moment and then it is gone. Don’t resist, just go for it, and then it isn’t as scary as it seems.

When we experience deep emotional turmoil, it can manifest itself in our physical bodies as well. When we resist, this can cause it to reveal itself physically and that adds to our pain. Let the emotions come, let them move through you and just experience them for what they are. Sit with them and be aware they exist. Just observe them and they will pass on their own. They are not who you are. You are not the emotions, they are just happening to you. They are temporary and will desolve. In this way, you can avoid much of the physical discomfort along the way.

The spiritual journey isn’t for everyone as it is a difficult path to take. Some of us have no choice in the matter, but are forced into it due to extreme trauma in our lives, whether physical or emotional in nature. It wakes us up. Whether it’s the long recovery of nearly dying in a severe car accident or the emotional grief of suddenly losing the love of your life or a child, these types of things can force you into the deep inner soul searching that leads to spiritual awakening. This is known as the Dark Night Of The Soul, that not everyone has to go through. You will have to face your Shadow Self, that darkness inside you. We all have it and we must face our demons in order to defeat them and become our Higher Self.

This path isn’t for everyone and never let anyone tell you that you have to do this or do that. Only you know. Trust your inner guidance. You know the Truth, for that is who you are. Listen to that still inner voice, it will not lead you astray. Just remember to still the mind, the excess chatter will lie to you, but when in stillness, letting the thoughts fall away, clarity will come and you will just know Self. Know Thyself. You Are That.