In talking about ego and the dying of it, the worst ego is the spiritual ego. It is harder to notice and usually by the time it rears it’s ugly head it has taken hold. What is the spiritual ego? When becoming enlightened one can get to a point, after reading many spiritual books, attending plenty of lectures or going on retreats, of having arrived! Wow, look at me, I’m a guru or a teacher. Look at what I have accomplished.

This type of ego is the hardest to deal with, it is a stubborn one and usually the last to go. The ego likes to hold on to it’s identity and everyone wants to feel important, how could we not, we are human after all. But having that large a sense of importance is a harmful thing. Let me explain.

When it comes to enlightenment, do we really need a teacher or guru? I would say no, we don’t. Why? Because we are all already enlightened. Many just don’t know it yet. Enlightenment is your natural state of Being. It is who you truly are. It is only about becoming aware that you are aware of awareness. That is what true enlightenment is and You Are That.

Someone who comes along and says they will be your teacher, come follow me can be a help or a hindrance. Let’s talk first about how they can hinder you. The only person who can become aware, who can wake up from the illusion, is You. Looking to another for That is a barrier to true awakening. The awakening process is only something we can experience for ourselves. No one can do it for us. It isn’t something we seek outside ourselves, it is already in us. We Are That.

Where a teacher can help is by them being a guide to help point a seeker to look within and realize that it is their Self that is who or what they seek and that Self is already who they Are. You don’t have to become enlightened, you ARE enlightened.

Some of you would say, “What about you? Aren’t you a teacher?” Yes and no. More like a guide, like a signpost on the side of the road, pointing in a possible direction you could go, but you could always choose to go another way and follow a different sign. Which way should I go? A signpost at a crossroads gives you a few possibilities of which way to go. The sign only gives suggestions on where to go from here. That is all I am providing and I would always point you in the direction of looking within. Otherwise, I am Nothing, I am All, but so are You. You Are That. Like the inscription over the door to the Temple of Apollo at Delphi says, Know Thyself. All the answers are already in you. You Are That.

Love and Light

Galen Rha