Many in the self help community vilify the ego, but personally, I think it gets a bad rap. What is ego? Ego is Latin for “I”. It is the part of you that makes up your personality, that which makes you unique and appear separate from the outside world. That which makes you, you, distinct from any other human being. Where it gets negative press is that you are not separate from everyone else. We are one consciousness experiencing itself from many points of view in these bodies we call ourselves, but we are not the body. This physical body is only animated when what makes up life animates it, You. When the real you leaves the body, it is no longer animated and will drop like a sack of potatoes. You can see this if you have ever seen someone die. You recognize the moment they pass as a light goes out in the eyes.

The ego can appear to have a light side and a dark side to it. It is what we create, the story we tell ourselves about who we think we are. It is made up of how we see ourselves and comes about through our own life experiences, how we interact with the world and the people around us. It has been with us from the moment we were physically born into this life. An infant screaming for its mother, wanting to eat or be picked up and loved. Oh, we as little humans needed that love from the beginning, since it is who we are. We are Love. So, I wouldn’t say the ego is an evil thing that we have to destroy. We can have a death of the ego, but that is more an analogy, which I have written on in the article Death Of The Ego, which you can find on my blog. There I explain what the death of the ego really means.

True, there can be those who have a raging ego, one who bulldozes over others. The ‘me, me, me, I, I, I’, it’s all about me. That can be the negative side of the ego, but without the ego we would never accomplish anything in this life. We need the ego to have a family, a successful career, the parts of our story we have created as a perception of who we think we are. Since that isn’t who we really are, but just labels we put on ourselves, that is where the ego gets its bad rap. The death of the ego is getting control over the ego so that it doesn’t control us. Use it to get that account for your business or company you work for. Use it to provide for and protect your family. It is a part of what makes you human.

Don’t let the ego be so controlling over you that you allow yourself to perceive you as being separate from everyone else. When we feel we are separate, then we only care about ourselves and others be damned. That is the unhealthy side of the ego. But it doesn’t have to be that way, we can develop a healthy ego and incorporate it into the completeness of who we really are. There will be moments where, in the silence of the moment, we can let go of the ego for a time and that is a healthy perspective to have, because it is the ego that appears to separate you from others. It is good to experience ourselves as the Oneness we truly are. In that moment of clarity, we will know our true nature and in our connectedness we will love more and love deeply. How can you be anything else if we are indeed One?

The takeaway from this is to be easy on yourself. The ego will constantly rear it’s head. It has to, it is all about itself. “Look at me.” Don’t beat yourself up, just recognize when this happens and don’t let it control your actions and how you treat others. Use it for when it serves you like in getting that promotion at work. That can be a good thing, but don’t let it control you to the point of hurting others. Have a healthy outlook on yourself and on life. When you can detach from the ego for a time as through meditation or just being aware that that isn’t who you really are, take that break, and in that you will learn to die to the ego and that is a good thing. It will never go away completely, at least not in this life, but you can learn to live with it and function as a human being having a healthy ego. Remember, positive and negative, good and evil, are part of duality, but we are not that. You Are One. You Are That.