We all experience death and suffering. It is a part of what makes us human. None of us live forever and unfortunately, some of us lost someone or will lose someone way too early. Yes, we all die, but how does a parent deal with losing a child? Or the death of a spouse or significant other when they were way too young? How does one deal with that suffering and still be awake and aware? How does one live in peace and tranquility when dealing with such extreme loss?

We are One with everything. All Is One, that includes us. We are part of that collective whole that is All.

“Yes, I am One with everything, but not THAT. Not suffering. I can’t accept the pain, cannot deal with it. It will break my heart if I go there.” If you don’t go there, you will live in denial and you will close off your heart. The closing of the heart is spiritual death. Your heart will die. It will die spiritually speaking, but could even lead to physical death if the spiritual darkness is too much to bear. We mustn’t get stuck in grief and suffering.

First we must accept what is. There is pain and suffering in the world. But does it define who we are? Do not identify yourself with that pain and suffering. It isn’t who you truly are. You are Love, Peace, Joy, Wholeness. You are all of creation. Pure Consciousness. You Are That.

In order for us to grow spiritually, we have to let our heart break. It is the only way. Living in denial is suffering. That is where the suffering comes from. It is the perception of separation from Pure Consciousness, separation from All That Is. ‘God’, if you are so inclined. Separation is suffering. But separation is only a perception of the mind. You are never separate from who you Are. You Are One with All That Is. You Are That.

Allow your heart to break. Experience the pain. It is there and it is real, so let it happen. Cry, yell, scream, let it all out. Break down, it will cleanse you. Experience what it is, we all go through it in some way or another. Don’t let it define who you are. Once your heart breaks it will open and allow you to feel the Love that you are. Don’t close people out. Allow them in. That Is Love. You Are That.

So acknowledge the pain for what it is and let it flow through you, being totally aware of it. Sit with it. Be aware of how it makes you feel. Feel it deeply. Then you will be able to move through it and you will grow spiritually from the experience. Don’t rush the process. Allow it to be for as long as you need to Be with it. Once you become fully aware of the suffering and move through it, your heart will open and you will become free to live a life of acceptance of who you truly Are. Love. You Are Love. You Are That.

Love and Light

Galen Rha