Imagine consciousness as a vast ocean as far as the eye can see. It encompasses everything, because it is everything. This is known as Cosmic Consciousness, the consciousness that comprises All That Is. The more religious among us may call this ‘God’, nothing wrong with that. Now imagine billions of tiny glass vials, each filled with a drop from that ocean, cap it off. Each of these vials is a vessel, like our human bodies, that house this consciousness, separated from the whole, but still part of the whole. That consciousness that is Self, is the entirety of All Consciousness that is the very fabric of reality. When we die, all that is is the drop being poured back into that vast ocean. If we were to pour a drop of ocean water back into the ocean, could we find that drop? No, the drop is no longer separate and can’t be anything but what it is, the ocean. That is who and what we are. When we sit in the present moment and just Be, we can become aware of this ocean of Self, of All That Is.

Now let’s imagine a piece of fabric. It is made up of tiny threads and all those threads together make up the whole of the fabric. That fabric is the entirety of collective reality or how we perceive that reality to be. It is made up of individual threads that represent each of us, but we are not separate, but all part of the whole. We are that fabric of reality. In quantum mechanics we call this quantum entanglement, where all particles are really a wave function that is all connected as One.

The wave of energy that makes up all possibilities collapses into particles that form the material world we call our reality, when consciousness focuses on that energy. Wave of energy that is all possibilities, because before anything becomes corporal and solid in the material plane, it is only all possibilities. It is all possibilities that could ever exist and are actually doing so on many dimensions or possible timelines. Everything that could have ever happened, is happening now in this present moment. Everything is possible and consciousness makes it so. This is why time and space do not actually exist but is only a perception in the human mind, both collectively and individually that forms the basis of what we call reality. That is just a simple explanation for the common lay person to understand. It is much more complicated and involved than that.

This is what is meant when you hear it said that we are all interconnected, we are One. Whatever we do to one another, we are actually doing to ourselves, because we truly are One. There is no separation other than by perception. We only perceive ourselves to be separate from one another, but the fact that as a drop of that Ocean of Consciousness, it is experiencing Itself from many different perspectives. Playing many parts, like actors on a stage, as Shakespeare once said, “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players…”. We are all the Cosmic Consciousness playing all the parts of this play we call reality. That is our stage.

In being One, may we become aware of our Oneness and start to treat ourselves/others with that unconditional Love. That All Encompassing Love that we Are. We are that One Love, so Be that Love. You Are That.