The most important tool you have to navigate the spiritual path is to shift your life from fear to living it from a position of Love. All of the great wisdom traditions teach this. This is the key to living a life of spiritual awareness. Living a life in fear is a hindrance to this process.

Many of us speak of planet Earth needing more love and nothing could be further from the truth. It seems like there is a lot of selfishness and hatred these days. I would point out that there are actually more loving and compassionate people than there are of those who only think of themselves. Sometimes it just seems to be we are always running into people like this.

Be encouraged, we are progressing better than we may think. Each of us need only to do our part in living a life of highest potential.

It is a common thought that love is something that happens ‘to’ us instead of us Being Love. That’s right, Love is our natural state of Being. We Are Love. The Love I am speaking of here, is not the mushy gushy kind you see in a romantic comedy movie. If you haven’t read my article called Love and Compassion, do yourself a favor and give it a read. It explains the different types of love. The Love I am talking about here comes from the position of being in a high vibrational state. We can consciously create this state of being, because we ARE this state of Being.

Let’s talk about fear for a minute. Fear can have it’s uses on a limited scale. It is what causes us to be in the fight or flight mode, which can save our lives in many cases. It is what allows us to survive in a dangerous, life-threatening situation. This is not the type of fear I am talking about here. The fear I am talking about is a fear of the unknown. A fear of what the ‘future’ may hold. The ‘future’ doesn’t exist. It hasn’t happened yet and anything we worry about happening is just that, worry. All we have is this present moment. Let the future take care of itself. Live for the present moment and what happens in a future present moment will just Be. That is all we ever have. Live life in a moment of Love, which is What You Are. You Are Love. You Are That.

In everything you do ask yourself if you are doing it out of love or fear. In your interactions with others, is it from a position of love or are you acting and reacting from a place of fear? Remember, a state of fear comes from a place of unknowing. We may not know how someone will react to a certain situation, so in our uncertainty, we may act out in a non loving way, because of the fear of how that person will react to us. It’s the old, ‘I will hurt them before they can hurt me’ scenario. We don’t have to live this way. I would say it is counter intuitive to living a life of peace and contentment. Do we really want all that drama, chaos and stress in our lives? Wouldn’t it be much better to live a life full of love, compassion, peace and harmony? In that way, we can create a positive life for ourselves and for others. We truly would make this a better world.

Mind you, fear isn’t necessarily ‘good’ or ‘bad’, it is just a lower vibrational state in which what you create will be more dense and thus you create more negativity in your life. Have you ever known the person who it just seems like they are always in a mess? There is always drama happening around them? Always the victim? It just seems like they are always living a miserable life. Well, that comes from living in a lower vibration. There is scientific evidence to prove that there is some validity to the Law of Attraction teachings. We do attract to us what we put out into that field of energy that makes up the fabric of what we call reality. Or, we could operate in a higher frequency of vibration and create positive things in our lives.

What will you create in your life? Fear, or more Love? Remember, you ARE Love. That is who and what you are. It is your natural state, not fear. It is not possible to live in both love and fear at the same time, so which will you choose? In every moment we have a precious opportunity to choose love over fear to further your journey on your spiritual path. In doing so, you will help to make this world a better place. Remember, You Are That.

Love and Light

Galen Rha