Sea Ocean And Blue Clear Sky Background
Sea Ocean And Blue Clear Sky Background

The mind likes to talk to you. It produces constant chatter. It is a wonder we don’t go insane with all that incessant noise. When we learn to silence the mind and listen with our heart, then we will be at peace. Your heart has so much to say and it says it all in the space of silence. In the stillness of the heart is where you will actually hear with clarity.

In meditation or when you pray, come to a place of silence; of quieting the mind. Many people pray in supplication, always asking for this and for that. There is no need to ask. Instead stop talking and listen. Just be still and listen with your heart. It will speak to you. It will give you the answers you seek. It will speak of who you are. The real you. The one who is the observer, looking at the world through your eye sockets. That is who you really are. You Are That.

When you are in that place of stillness, listening with your heart, there is peace and clarity. You will know Love which will consume your entire being. You are that Love. You will know All. It is All That Is. You Are That.

Love and Light
Galen Rha