Some would ask, “How do I become enlightened?” My answer may surprise you. One doesn’t BECOME enlightened. You ARE enlightened, you just don’t know it yet. If you have to ask then realization hasn’t happened…yet. Once you are fully aware, you will ‘know’.

First off, throw away everything. Get rid of your toolbox, all of the techniques you may have to ‘help’ you become enlightened. You don’t need them. If anything, they are a hindrance to your search for it. Even give up your ‘search’. Stop searching for enlightenment. You will never find it. “But how do I become enlightened, if I don’t look for it?” Like I said before, you are already enlightened as it is who you really are. Your true Self. You Are That.

You Are Enlightened. It is your natural state of Being. It is about awareness. Where is your awareness? Who is the one who is aware? Just Be in the moment. Sit silently with who you are in the present moment. Be aware in that silence of who is experiencing the silence. Not successful with being silent? Not able to quiet the mind? Then give up the intention of quieting the mind. It is the very trying to still the mind that is blocking you from stilling the mind. Just Be. Thought will come and go. That is okay. Who is the One who is aware of that thought? Who is thinking that thought? You Are That. It isn’t about the thoughts. It is about who is having the thoughts. You Are That.

Know that you are complete and perfectly whole, just as you Are. Your body isn’t whole. Your thoughts are not whole. Your family isn’t whole, neither is your career whole. Your entire life is not whole. Everything is incomplete and imperfect, except for the real You. The You that is who you really Are. That is whole and complete. That is perfect. You Are Perfect. Just the way you Are. You Are That. You are the observer of All…That…Is. You…Are…That.

Love and Light

Galen Rha